Abodes.Co Quality Assurance & Controls Statement

At Abodes.Co we will use our best endeavours to carry out all works related to our contracts to ensure that all finished work is of the best possible quality commensurate with the design and specification. The ethos encouraged within all staff at Abodes.Co is quality, we have established a reputation within our market for quality and work hard to ensure this is maintained. 

Our quality management processes embrace all pre-contract and on site activities as well as post contract works. The process is constantly under review due to the everchanging demands put upon us by our clients. We review the quality of all completed projects which provides feedback of the general quality and identifies products and procedures that fall short of our expected standard. By continually reviewing this process during in-house project meetings we minimise potential problems during the installation. Another essential component to providing affective quality management is communication, all Abodes.Co staff are trained to recognise the importance of quality communications and every effort is made to ensure clients are well informed. Projects have a method statement which is reviewed and agreed with the client. All works are then completed in accordance with these essential documents. Reviews are undertaken during scheduled client and contractor meetings and amended when required are made following agreement with the client. Our on site strategy at all times is to work towards snag free completion of all works prior to inspection by the client.