Abodes.Co Enviromental Policy

At Abodes.Co we are committed to reducing to a minimum the ecological impact of all our activities. Management within Abodes.Co will continue to exercise excellence in environmental quality and performance and aim to establish even higher standards of environmental performance where it is practical and appropriate. This environmental policy is an integral part of our business strategy and is linked with our well established Health & Safety policy. It is the responsibility of all Abodes.Co employees to observe the policy and action programmes to protect the environment. To carry out this commitment, it is our policy to: • Seek to improve environmental performance and raise standards in all sectors and develop integrated approaches at the workplace. • Develop operating policies, programmes and recourses to implement our environmental quality policy. • Continually assess our environmental policies and monitor progress towards our environmental goals. • Provide our customers, sub-contractors and employees with relevant and appropriate factual information about the environmental quality of our operations. • Ensure that every Abodes.Co employee understands, is responsible and accountable for incorporating environmental quality considerations in daily business activities. • Meet and exceed all applicable government and customer regulations in any location and establish standards where regulations may not exist. Internal Office Implementation: All photocopy paper, working paper and internal communiqué’s are printed on Nordic Environmental grade paper. However, via the use of e-mail and the structure of our IT, our policy is to reduce internal paper to a minimum. Transport Policy: Wherever possible, employees of Abodes.Co are encouraged to use public transport links to carry out their day-to-day duties.